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Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

InnovaMed offers a full line of professional medical-grade skin care products by SkinMedica and Cosmedix. They work together to enhance the beauty of your skin, regardless of your skin type. These products are exclusively sold by physician offices. Our estheticians can recommend products to help elevate wrinkles, dark spots, redness, dehydration and much more. All consultations are complimentary.

The SkinMedica Difference

SkinMedica products were researched by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a leading cosmetic dermatologist. The company has dedicated years of studies to effectively formulate the ultimate anti-aging skin regimen. Did you know the skin is capable of regenerating, healing and growing cells? One main ingredient applied topically that can help the skin with these elements is growth factors. SkinMedica developed a line known as the TNS family. TNS is a combination of growth factors and other naturally occurring ingredients that are crucial for rejuvenating healthy skin. Whatever your skin type, SkinMedica has a product for you leaving your skin healthy, radiant and younger looking.

Results without Irritation

Cosmedix skin care products are formulated to speak the language of the skin. The precise science behind the product line begins with chirality. All ingredients are selected by only the molecules most recognizable by the receptor sites on the skin's cells. This process allows your skin cells to communicate with the purest, most potent ingredients delivered to the skin without inflammation or irritation. With maximum effectiveness and no long-term damage to the skin, Cosmedix products are free of preservatives, chemical dyes, fragrance, petroleum and mineral oil. Even the most sensitive skin types can have hydrated, even toned, and smoother skin.

You Should Know

Both skin care lines are only carried by physician's offices and may be used in combination with Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser protocols, aesthetic services, and Botox® cosmetic and other injectable procedures. SkinMedica and Cosmedix are designed to enhance and increase skin care results for pre and post treatments offered at InnovaMed Aesthetics.

For more information on SkinMedica products or Cosmedix call (815) 986-1020.