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Laser Hair Removal

InnovaMed uses the GentleLASE Laser System by Candela for most laser hair removal. The GentleLASE is a revolutionary laser that emits a precise beam of light that removes unwanted hair without harming the skin. To provide increased comfort and skin protection, the patented Dynamic Cooling Device cools the skin simultaneously with each laser pulse.

Unlike traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing, laser treatment provides a permanent effect. Laser treatment is also fast, with facial and bikini treatments taking only 15-20 minutes. An average of six treatments is usually needed for the best result. The treatments are done four to eight weeks apart depending on the body area being treated.

For darker skinned patients or those with white or grey hair, InnovaMed uses the Syneron Aurora RF with elos technology to safely remove unwanted hair. Usually six or more treatments (performed four to eight weeks apart) are necessary for the best result.

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