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Facials and Peels

Several types of facials and body treatments are being performed by our licensed esthetician, Sarah Ramirez.


Drench your skin in SkinMedica's exclusive creamy hydrating mask. It instantly plumps fine lines and helps stimulate growth factors. TNS Recovery Complex is applied with galvanic current to get the nutrient growth factors to the deepest layers of your skin. Your skin will be sealed with a highly concentrated Vitamin C Complex that provides extraordinary antioxidant protection, which helps promote cell renewal and improves the texture of skin. Great for sun damaged skin and is an ideal complement to our FotoFacial RF skin rejuvenation procedure. Maturing skin is no match for this age defense facial!


Experience a deep, clarifying, and detoxifying facial. Customized products cleanse, exfoliate, restore and correct the problem with oily or acne prone skin. Ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid with gentle botanicals help control breakouts and unclog pores. Rid your skin of surface bacteria with our high frequency treatment. A purifying gel mask is applied to draw out impurities and helps to diminish imperfections. Reveal a smoother complexion after several treatments of this amazing facial. This facial is a perfect complement to our Aramis laser treatment for acne.


Before undergoing a chemical peel for the first time, patients often have questions and concerns regarding their skin. Prior to your treatment, one of our licensed estheticians will help you determine which peel is best for your skin type. Being well informed about every aspect of your chemical peel procedure can help ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your treatments.

Prior to your chemical peel your esthetician may ask you to stop taking certain drugs or topical medications such as Retin-A. In some instances the skin needs to be prepped with preconditioning products. After your chemical peel it is important that you use the correct post-care products for your at-home skin care regime to enhance the long-term benefits of your treatment. After a chemical peel the use of a daily sunscreen is crucial to protect healthy skin from the sun's damaging rays.

A chemical peel can provide several benefits to the skin. Chemical peeling is often used to treat fine lines, wrinkles; pigment irregularities, acne, and mild scarring all can be reduced or eliminated with this procedure. However, sags, bulges and more severe wrinkles do not respond well to peeling and may require a more noninvasive approach such as laser treatments performed by our doctors.

Our medical grade chemical peels by SkinMedica and Cosmedix are sure to increase your collagen production, epidermal thickening, skin glow, clarity, texture, and help you to achieve amazing and desired results!


Don't let your back be ignored! This treatment starts with a deep cleansing, and then exfoliation, along with extractions (if needed) followed by a peaceful massage. All are tied together with a customized mask and moisturizer. Customized to fit whatever your skin needs to feel and look wonderful during any season.

Additional treatments and add-ons are available. Call (779) 696-8351 today to schedule a relaxing and beneficial facial or back treatment.